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Jeff Gannon / -- The mainstream media is full of talking heads claiming the recent elections, although swept by the Republicans, is no mandate. I disagree. Every election is a mandate. Americans express their will by casting their votes and in many cases, withholding them.

This election was a clearly a referendum on George W. Bush. The President took the issues of homeland security, Iraq, social security, prescription drugs and the economy directly to the people when he asked them to elect Congressmen and Senators who would support his initiatives in these matters.

Voters responded by defying midterm election history, returning the Senate to a Republican majority and expanding the House majority held since 1994.

Three days after the American election, the UN Security Council voted 15-0 in favor of a resolution for disarming Iraq. The following Monday, Saddam Hussein called an emergency meeting of the Iraqi Parliament to decide how to respond. The United Nations and Saddam Hussein recognize this as a mandate.

There was another mandate that came out of this election. The Democrats were thoroughly repudiated. Finding themselves on the wrong side of the important issues, the Democratic strategy was to largely remain silent except to say, “vote for us, we’re not them”. Their leaders claim they weren’t able to get their message out, but in reality their message of bigger government, higher taxes and less personal freedom was out there all along, and the voters rejected it.

Finally, once and for all, the 2000 election of George W. Bush was confirmed. Had he been illegitimate in the mind of the voters, the Republicans would have been removed from power and the administration relegated to a secondary role to a Democratic-controlled Congress. But the result was very much the opposite.

Now that’s a mandate.

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