Government of, for, and by Deceit

October 28th, 2010

You don’t really know how bad things are with the Federalis (as my father likes to call the guys who inhabit the nation’s capital). But Patrick D. McConnell has taken the time and effort to find out. He has written a book, Government of Deceit, about the disaster going on in Washington which is sure to create problems not just nationally, but world wide. Things are even worse than we thought.

Basically the problem involves excessive spending that has been going on for decades. This spending which has involved vote buying in the form of entitlements has encroached heavily on property rights. In the course of this it has seriously undermined American individual freedoms. By taking away incentive to work, the government has also reduced productivity and creation of new products to a bare fraction of what is possible. Little do liberals understand that it is the creation of goods and services that provide the wealth and largess that keeps a society affluent.

All of the unemployment and financial chaos we have seen over the last few years is occuring because we have gone past the tipping point. The economy’s producers can no longer keep up with the entitlements disbursed by the government. Mr. McConnell insists that chaos and disorder WILL result. There is no getting out of it at this point. He may be right. I only know that this next election must be a total rejection of leftist ideas or the U.S. is just one more civilized society that is headed for the trash heap of history.

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2 Responses to “Government of, for, and by Deceit”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    I just do not understand how jobs will be created when lots of United States businesses are taking their money in China. Consider General Electric as an example. Their most current efforts to construct jet engines for the Chinese can lead to them giving over their blueprints for the engines they build. Another organization, Yum Brands, is earning over 60% of their income from outside the USA. Unless trade agreements are adjusted, the downward spiral in jobs is inevitable.

  2. admin Says:

    I would tend to agree. Currently, we do not have fair trade with China. The big problem is that in the 1990s we lowered tarrifs etc. so much that we allowed access to our markets to the rest of the world without requiring companies to also have an investment in this country. It is obvious that this would cause jobs to flee the country. The only solution is a slow rebuild of trade barriers. I used to be an advocate for free world markets, until I saw the havoc they wreaked on this country. Open markets should only be created on a selective basis and then with nations that share our standards. Trade agreements could also be used as political leverage. We are squandering our greatest resource.

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